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Should I Invest in Gold?

Should I Invest in Gold?Should I invest in gold? This is a question we get asked all the time especially with all the media hype behind the movement towards gold. Gold is a great investment due to it’s tangible nature and the fact that it retains value for the long haul. However there is one aspect that many analyst and investors forget to factor in and that’s the true value of it.

Thinking about stashing gold bars and coins that one could pull out if paper currency crashed is a great feeling but is it actually realistic? Of course it is but factoring in the fact that the governments of the world won’t ever allow paper money to disappear it boils down to the same decision making that goes into purchasing stock in a company.

Should I Invest in Gold or is the Chance Gone?

The best we can think of putting it is like this. If a company issues a stock for ten dollars and it shoots up to 100 a share; is it a good buy at $100; No. Of course naysayers will say we are out of our mind but we are about making money not losing money. If you’re a multimillionaire you’re investing on a whole different level so they can invest in anything and if it makes a dollar they make huge sums of money but most investors don’t fit in that category, which brings us back to reality.

So the question is; should I invest in gold? The answer as of right now is a big no. If you’re purchasing gold as a way to prepare for a nature disaster or economic meltdown then sure it’s a good idea but if you’re contemplating investing in gold to make money in the future, now isn’t the time. The time to buy gold was back when it was around $500 an ounce and now with gold topping $1000 an ounce it’s already beginning to fall and just watch it will once again dropped back down towards that ideal price and that’s when you want to jump at the deal. Like all great bubbles it will burst and come crashing down in price. So please as of right now, save your cash and stash it away, invest in a business or even start your own but don’t expect to buy thousand dollar ounces of gold in hopes it reaches 2 or 3 thousand per ounce because it simply won’t happen we are sorry to say.




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