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The Different Parts of a Check

Figuring out the different parts of a check can be confusing especially for those of us who have just started to do their own banking. So we’ve put together this handy little diagram for you to reference when it comes time to fill out your own checks or if you are a bit rusty when it comes to writing a check.

The Different Parts of a Check

The Breakdown of the Parts of a Check

  1. The Account Open Date: Depending on your bank you may or may not have this part on your check. This is just there as a way to reference exactly when the account was created.
  2. Check Written Date: This is where you’ll be putting the date that you write the check. For example 01/01/01.
  3. Recipient: The recipient is exactly that. It’s the person or business you’re writing the check to.
  4. The Amount Box: In this area you’ll jot down the entire amount in numerical form such as 1.00.  There is no need for a dollar sign because it’s already there for you.
  5. Amount Line: This is the big line that is right below the Recipient area. Here you’ll write out the amount of your check. You’ll want to actually spell it out in this area just like in the example below.filling-out-dollars-check
  6. Memo: The perfect spot to write down a reference about what your writing the check for.
  7. Signature: Throw down your best John Hancock here.
  8. Routing Number: Your routing number is the number that tells what bank your account is from.
  9. Account Number: This is your personal checking account number.
  10. Check Number: Last but not least you’ll find this number in the top right hand corner and the bottom of your check. It is the number of the check you’ve written. Like anything else it’s a way to keep track of what check number your on.

Well there you have it. All the parts of check broken down so it’ll be easier than ever to understand and fill out your own checks! Happy check writing!

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