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What’s an IRA?

What’s an IRA? If you’re starting to looking into retirement savings you’ve probably already asked yourself what a Traditional Individual Retirement Account is. Well let’s get to the bottom of this. What’s an IRA? Technically an IRA is called an Individual Retirement Arrangement contrary to popular belief. We most often […]

Certificate of Deposit Rates for 2013

Check out the latest Certificate of Deposit Rates for March 2013. Unfortunately rates have been continuing to slip practically weekly at this point. Certificate’s of Deposit (CD’s) 0.26% (1-Year CD Yields) 0.82% (5-Year CD Yields) Unfortunately we’ve seen CD rates slipping week after week by about a basis point on […]

Investing in Today’s Economic Climate

Investing your money right now may seem like quite the scary task considering all the doom and gloom. We here constantly in the news and the horror stories about people losing their life savings due to the recession. Needless to say being cautious and even skeptical is not only warranted […]